Women in Agribusiness Forum

Monday 24th October - Thursday 27th October, 2022

  • Traditional Leaders Dialogue
  • Students Dialogue
  • Policy Makers Dialogue
  • Media Relations in Agribusiness
  • Allies,
  • Returnees and Diasporas and
  • Stakeholders Roundtables Breakout Sessions

Traditional Leaders Dialogue (Kumasi)

Monday, 24th October | 10: 00 am – 1:00 pm

Queen Mothers are responsible for designating the next chief, providing wise counsel to the chief and his elders, rallying all women together, and keeping an eye on social conditions within the society. Their role is powerful and crucial in the development of Agribusiness in Ghana bearing in mind that they are the custodians of certain important resources such as land. It is therefore important to have a dialogue to know how best women in agribusiness and traditional leaders can work together to make a direct impact in the industry. This will help build better relationships amongst the above-mentioned stakeholders to help grow agriculture in our country.

Students AND GRADUATES Dialogue (Tamale)

Tuesday, 25th October 10:00am – 1.30pm

This event will explore the various roles and opportunities available across the Agri industry and provide insights into how students from all backgrounds can best prepare to embark on a career or business in Agri industry. At this event, students will learn more about apprenticeships, Internships, volunteering and Graduate Programs in the industry and other related industries. Who is this for? We invite all post-secondary students who are interested in a career or business in the Agri industry.

Government and Policy Makers Roundtable

Wednesday, 26th October | 10:40 am– 12:00 pm

Discussion will focus on the role of the Government and Policy Makers with regards to agribusiness in the country. It will seek to answer the following questions: Do women in agribusiness have favorable policies and programmes in place to be able to build resilient Agribusinesses? What has been done already? What needs to be done?

Agribusiness Women Dialogue

Wednesday, 26th October | 2:00 pm– 3~30 pm

We aim to have a real talk about the Women in Agribusiness Ecosystem in Ghana- the network of organizations—including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies working together to achieve maximum impact. Here, funding and research will be discussed.

Media Relations in Agribusiness (Accra)

Wednesday, 26th October | 4:00 pm– 5:00 pm

The fourth Estate is extremely powerful, this event will highlight how the media can be champions in promoting women in agribusiness and their works, The Media fraternity cannot be left out in the discussion of the growth of women in agribusiness, it is indeed an extremely powerful tool. We aim to discuss how the media can set the agenda and push positive stories about the works Women in Agribusiness do.

Allies Roundtable

Thursday, 27.10 Accra 10: 00 am – 11:20 pm

The goal is to get keen collaborators as powerful guides and allies for Women in Agribusiness to thrive. This session will unpack ways that allies can be more effective in partnering with Women in Agribusiness to build more resilient businesses and create greater opportunities for all and accelerate change to achieve the SDGs .

Returnees and Diasporans Round Table

Thursday, 27.10 Accra 11:30 pm– 12:30 pm

We believe Diasporans and Returnees can be agents of change in the Agribusiness sector. They can act as bridges between Ghana/Africa and their host countries Moreover, they accumulate human, financial and social capital in their host lands, and if these valuable skills could be transferred to the Agribusiness sector in Ghana/Africa, it might be a cure for under-development

Break Out Session

Thursday, 27.10 Accra 2:00 pm– 3:30 pm

Break out rooms will include Farmers, Processors, Marketers, Transportation, and Distributors. Purpose is to discuss how best all the actors and non-actors in the industry can work together for maximum impact?

Stakeholders Round Table

Thursday, 27.10 Accra 3:30 pm– 5:00 pm

We see the Stakeholders roundtable to be an open forum to discuss issues within the industry and how we can together tackle them. Participants will share their opinions and thoughts in an open discussion, and listen to other points of view.

Women in Agribusiness Exhibition

Wednesday 26th October -Thursday 27th October | 9am – 6pm

The Women in Agribusiness Expo will promote the best of what women in agribusiness have. It also seeks to assist both attendees and exhibitors to make meaningful connections and create a platform that promotes development and growth.

Women in Agribusiness Industry Tour

Friday 28th October | 10:00am

The main goal is to expose participants to what is possible. Visiting successful Agribusinesses and learning from their business models. We will be visiting Nkulenu, Blue skies and Neat Foods.

Women in Agribusiness Awards

Saturday 29th October 2022 | 6 pm

The Women in Agribusiness Week will be crowned with an awards night. The Women in Agribusiness Awards aim to highlight the achievements of exceptional women in the agribusiness fraternity who have risen above the limit to lead the way for others to emulate.

The women in agribusiness award does not only celebrate, but it also supports through mentorship and market linkages. These awards will be from carefully thought through categories, from the various points of the agri value chain and network. Thirty-five (35) outstanding and wonderful women across the African continent will be celebrated on that day. This is a hybrid event.

The Women in Agribusiness Week is to highlight the expertise of women in food and agribusiness and help them build a network of female leaders. The WAW focuses on promoting Women in Agribusiness and the best they offer. It will provide content on the most current and critical topics in the Agribusiness industry. Enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities for producers, manufacturers, service providers, cooperatives, and more.